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The Technologo EOD User Interface is available in 6 languages:

New Easier-to-Use Interface with Logo Retention

Once a logo is uploaded to our new user-friendly interface, it will automatically be placed on the product, in the correct location, rotated, sized and skewed properly, and with the correct imprinting techniques. Our Logo Retention Technology will remember the logo and place it on every product automatically. If users need more options or control, they can still access the Advanced Mode (Classic) interface.

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The Flyer Builder Now Included with EOD MAX Package!

The Flyer Builder is a tool that allows users of your Virtual Sample tool to create dynamic, real time flyers from the Virtual Sample images they create! You and your distributors can use this new tool to add as many Virtual Sample images as they wish, personalize the flyer with their logo and contact info and then send it to their clients. It is really easy to do, and a really effective tool to add to your already powerful Virtual Sample service.

All New Products Included in! is a unique and exclusive service that features only the newest products from the industry's leading Technologo Enabled suppliers. Distributors can imprint every single one of those products instantly with a single logo upload, at no cost to them! There is simply no faster way to make Virtual Sample presentations of many products! There are also features allowing the suppliers to give their products priority ranking based on eco-friendliness, uniqueness, or special discounts. If you haven't already tried it, take a look by clicking the button below. (Don't forget, it's INCLUDED with your subscription to this service!)

Your EOD Max account will allow you to add Max functionality to 100 products (included in price). These features include the ability to display multiple color or style options for each product and the ability to set up specific imprinting techniques, making the Virtual Sample as realistic as possible. If you need more than 100 Max products, they can be purchased individually for only $1.50 per month.

Your EOD Max account will also allow you to add Virtual Sample technology to as many products as you like using our Standard Product interface.

What's the difference between a Max Product and a Standard Product? Max Products allow you to load up to 50 images in the same product, and add amazing representations of many imprinting techniques. Using the 50 images, you could upload different colors; back, front, and side views; or even inside and out views, or packaging options. And in terms of imprinting techniques, you can choose from Laser Engraving, Embroidery, Debossing, Die Struck, Etching, Screen Printing and more! A Standard Product uses the same user friendly interface with Auto logo placement and logo retention technology, but can display only a single image with full color imprinting.

Only $400 per month!
BONUS: Pre-pay for a year and get 2 MONTHS FREE!

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